Treatment For Golf Injuries Available From Columbia MO Chiropractic Center

Treatment For Golf Injuries Available From Columbia MO Chiropractic Center

Chiropractic Columbia MO Golf Injury

The clinic offers state-of-the-art natural health care for the residents of the Columbia MO area. The techniques are helpful for treating and preventing injuries from golf and other sports.

Pro Active Chiropractic Center - Columbia and Scott Stiffey DC are proud to announce that the center's techniques will help patients get back to playing great golf again, free of pain. Golf injuries in Columbia MO can arise for various reasons. These include poor posture, improper swings, and even trip-and-fall injuries. Golfers who suffer from conditions such as back pain, rotator cuff or shoulder pain, low back disc injuries, elbow tendonitis, or knee pain and wrist injuries can find therapeutic solutions at the chiropractic center. 

Pro Active Chiropractic - Columbia is proud to offer state-of-the-art natural health care for the Columbia area. Dr. Stiffey attends seminars throughout the United States in order to stay abreast of the latest research and methods to help patients who want the benefits of natural healing. Pro Active Chiropractic - Columbia practice uses natural relief techniques for back and neck pain and also avoids invasive procedures or addictive painkillers. 

In discussing golf injury prevention, Dr. Stiffey, DC, explained, "We help golfers hit it longer and straighter, pain free. For golfers wanting to improve performance or heal injuries, we have completed Titleist Performance Institute courses and use the most advanced technology. If you suffer from shoulder pain, wrist, chronic pain in the knee joints, lower back, neck or disc injuries located in the low spinal column, we will help get you back to daily activities again, pain-free."

Dr Scott Stiffey certified to be on the PGA Medical Staff. The Center is Titleist Performance Institute Level 1 Certified and Titleist Institute Medical Level 2 Certified. The advanced training in natural techniques and state-of-the-art equipment and technology allows golfing patients to gain relief from pain and learning exercises and posture corrections, which may help prevent future injuries. There is no reason for people who enjoy playing golf or other sports to give them up due to pain from injuries or other causes. Treatment of the cause of the pain is a preferred course of action. 

About the Center:

Pro Active Chiropractic Center - Columbia has expert solutions for pain from sports injuries such as golf. Regardless of the cause or location of the injury, chiropractic is the solution that is not invasive or pharmaceutical. Relieving pain is one part of the chiropractic benefits, they also educate patients in preventing injuries in the future.