Suffer From A Golf Injury in Columbia MO?

disc injury can be helped by a chiropractor

Titleist LogoDr. Scott Stiffey, chiropractor in Columbia MO, completed the Clinical Golf Program given by Professional Sports Care and endorsed by the PGA Tour. As a staff member opportunities are given to work on the PGA Sports Medicine staff and in high-level resorts and golf facilities throughout the United States.

Understanding how a golfer moves is a prerequisite for effective coaching, training, and treatment. Rather than guess what they do, we believe you should assess what they do.

Dr. Stiffey will show players the foundational concept that drives everything at *Titleist Performance Inst. (*TPI): how efficiency and common swing characteristics are directly related to how the body is functioning. We call this the Body-Swing Connection.

Dr. Stiffey will evaluate a player's physical capabilities using the TPI screen and to explain how the results of that assessment are correlated with the technical elements in the player's swing. This helps a coach, trainer, or medical therapist to quickly identify the key area that can be holding a golfer back from playing their best.