Chiropractic Testimonials

"I started going to Pro Active I’m my third trimester of pregnancy for really bad pelvic and hip pain. They helped me tremendously manage through the last bit of pregnancy. The greatest thing is a week before I was due my baby went into the breech position. Dr. Stiffer worked on my back along with acupuncture and almost immediately my baby was back head down. I recommend his services to anyone."

- Jacey C.

"My 1st visit was today & I'm thinking they will be able to get me lined out."

- Terry B.

"I'm a production welder as well as a hobbyist guitar player. I’ve had numerous issues in the past that just got ignored. After about 20 years of abuse I was diagnosed via mri with cervical Stenosis with massive pressure on my c6 and c7 discs along with “military neck” and pinched nerves. I’ve been a patient with Dr Stiffey off and on for 5 years. If I hadn’t been so stubborn and kept up with my treatments I wouldn’t be in the mess I’m in now. I caused even more of a mess by overdoing a home remedy and causing cervical vertigo. I had a lengthy conversation with Dr Stevens (Dr Stiffey’s partner) and by the time I left the vertigo was manageable. With about a month of bi-weekly adjustments, I’m finally making progress. I’m not living with debilitating pain. Adjustments aren’t as painful as when first started. I still have a long way to go but I’m in the right direction now."

- Jeremy S.

"Staff is very friendly, dr Scott stiffey is Thorough and explains everything in terms you can understand. Extremely quick appointment times little to no wait.i have been going to pro active for a couple of weeks and have had amazing results!!!! I Would recomend pro active Chiropractic to anyone with neck and spine issues!!!"

- Angie J.

"I highly recommend pro active chiropractic, from my first appointment to several weeks later the staff is very welcoming, patient and great at listening. Dr.

Scott does an amazing job, anytime I go in and my back is hurting I leave feeling 100 times better. He is very responsive and professional and makes sure you know what to expect while getting adjusted. I'm so glad I found such a great place I can trust and to help me recover."

- Lauren S.

"I received one appointment for acupuncture and seeing results already! I’ve been craving sugar/food a lot & actually it just kept getting worse. I had acupuncture for it and the cravings have definitely lessened! I can’t wait for more appointments! Dr. Stiffey and his staff are super kind and help create custom plan for you. No cookie cutter appointments here! Thank you!!"

- Marissa B.

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