Stephens college in Columbia MO

Stephens College is a private institution founded in Columbia, MO in 1833. It is a small campus that is about 48 acres that are set in an urban setting. It is an all women's college, which for the year it was established was very unique. Most campuses did not allow women. The stats to get into this amazing college are an ACT score of 20-26 or an SAT score of 910-1160
With it being a smaller college there is a great advantage to having smaller classrooms. In fact, most classrooms are less than 20 students each. The student to faculty ratio is very small as well at 10:1. Some of the majors you will find at Stephens College in Columbia MO are:

  • Business, Visual, and Performing Arts
  • Management
  • Related support services
  • Marketing
  • Nursing
  • Costume design
  • Education
  • Health Science
  • Graphic design communications
  • Psychology
  • Fashion communication
  • More

With Stephens College, you can also study abroad. This allows the students to learn first hand about other cultures and languages. There are many opportunities for scholarships that will help fund this adventure as well. These scholarships are not only offered by the college but also by many affiliate programs and outside organizations. It is important for some students to learn about other cultures and languages to advance in their success. There is a coordinator that can help with all the details. This is an exciting opportunity for students to take a leap of faith and learn more about this amazing world we live in.

Have a pet? This is one of the best pet-friendly campuses around. A pet is important to many people and if you already own one, you can bring it with you. They have a pet parade at Halloween and even have teamed up with the local shelters for pet foster care. This is a wonderful opportunity for the students to have something to care for and about. Pets are a wonderful way to keep up morale and help calm nerves. It is wonderful to see a collage acknowledge this by offering these sorts of programs.

This wonderful college is the perfect place for some students. Being an all-woman campus has its advantages and helps many women come out of their shells more. This is the perfect opportunity to build strong relationships with other women of like minds.

Boone Hospital in Columbia MO

One of the exciting new changes with Stephens is that in 2020 they have announced a partnership with Boone Hospital to develop a new nursing program. Stephens and Boone Hospital both saw that there is a shortage of nurses in Columbia MO and the nation at this time. They decided to form a partnership to help fill this void.

There are also some select master programs available as well. The campus has three schools on it, the school of creative and performing arts, school of design and school of health sciences. There is even a self-initiated major. Build upon the skill set you currently have! With the help of a counselor, you will be in control of your degree. This is a major that will expand on your current knowledge and help you get to that next step.