Pro Active Chiropractic Center Announces New Treatments For Whiplash

Pro Active Chiropractic Center in Columbia MO Announces New Treatments For Whiplash

Pro Active Chiropractic Center Announces New Treatments For Whiplash

Pro Active Chiropractic Center - Columbia is pleased to announce new treatment for whiplash. The whiplash chiropractors provide non-surgical treatments and alternatives for patients who want to witness positive results. This condition can cause acute neck pain with restricted neck movement. When the ligaments stretch beyond the usual movement, it could cause a tear or sprain which leads to discomfort. When left untreated, Whiplash could lead to blurred visions, vertigo, fatigue, dizziness, headache, shoulder pain, etc. Chiropractic Columbia MO involves treating the patients using various techniques.

A few of the common techniques used by Whiplash chiropractors are spinal manipulation, muscle relaxation, targeting trigger points, muscle stimulation, soft tissue therapy, ergonomic exercises, and instrument-assisted therapies, and more. So, any individual experiencing symptoms can call the best chiropractors in Columbia MO or simply search for Chiropractor Near Me in Columbia MO to get the directions for Pro Active Chiropractic Center  - Columbia MO. The practitioners here will carefully examine the cause before suggesting any treatment. Once a complete analysis is done, patients will be advised of tailored treatments based on the severity of the case.

What makes this clinic the best in care is that they focus on prevention followed by self-care. The doctors always strive to help their patients with the best treatments possible so that they don't end up visiting the center more times than necessary. Dr. Stiffey has been practicing for over 20 years now and has helped more than 10,000 patients with a multitude of problems. Patients who got their treatment here have nothing but positive reviews on how the treatments have improved the quality of life without invasive treatments and drugs. Call the office for a quick appointment with the whiplash chiropractors.

"I highly recommend Pro Active Chiropractic, from my first appointment to several weeks later the staff is very welcoming, patient and great at listening. Dr. Scott does an amazing job, anytime I go in and my back is hurting I leave feeling 100 times better. He is very responsive and professional and makes sure you know what to expect while getting adjusted. I'm so glad I found such a great place I can trust and to help me recover", said Lauren Smith, a happy patient.

Gonstead technique is one of the most common techniques used here followed by acupuncture and other treatments. The clinic is equipped with some of the latest and best technology that is used in day to day practice for quicker and effective long term results. Knee pain, sciatica, back pain, neuropathy, headaches, migraines, shoulder injuries and many other such chronic pains can be addressed with chiropractic Columbia MO techniques. There are hundreds of other conditions which people might be suffering. All it takes is just a phone call and a quick appointment to understand the situation better and get treated the right way. Choose the best chiropractor by searching for a chiropractor near me on Google.

About Pro Active Chiropractic Center in Columbia MO

Chiropractor Dr. Scott Stiffey D.C. has been practicing in the Northeast MO and West Central IL area since 2001. Dr. Stiffey is also eligible to work in golf facilities, resorts, and PGA sports throughout the country. Pro Active Chiropractic Center currently operates in Columbia MO.