Columbia MO Acupuncture Center Publishes Informative Article About Acupuncture Therapy

Columbia MO Acupuncture Center Publishes Informative Article About Acupuncture Therapy

Chiropractic Columbia MO Understanding Acupuncture

Pro Active offers acupuncture services as well as chiropractic techniques. Acupuncture information is presented in detailed form in a new comprehensive article on the website.

Pro Active Chiropractic Center-Columbia and Dr. Scott Stiffey have created a comprehensive article about Columbia Acupuncture options currently available at the Columbia MO clinic. Acupuncture is a health care method and discipline which has been utilized as a complete medical system for more than 24 centuries. Although millions of people over the years have found the techniques to be useful in providing solutions for many conditions, it is less recognized by many other individuals. The article is a concise discussion of the history and benefits of the protocol.

Today's acupuncture needles are constructed of high-quality stainless steel sizes from 26 to 40 gauge and lengths from 0.5 inches to 2.5 inches. The length and gauge of the sterile needles are determined by the elements of the full treatment plan, which is devised during the patient's initial consultation with the doctor. The selection of needles will also depend on the placement of the needles on the patient's body.

Two types of acupuncture in Columbia MO

There are two major types of acupuncture that are utilized with patients today. The practice can be used alone for many medical conditions, but can also be used in combination with today's various treatment plans. As a result, patients may find that positive results are enhanced, and the treatment time is decreased. Acupuncture is widely used in hospitals and health care clinics throughout the world today.

Acupuncture works by positioning fine needles at various significant points on the body. These points are known to stimulate specific actions of endocrine, hormonal, and immune systems. Stimulation of these systems causes hormones, neurotransmitters, and natural painkillers to be released.

Pro Active Chiropractic Center in Columbia has identified several benefits that are realized when acupuncture techniques are used. Patients report decreases in pain, swelling and muscle spasms, decrease in illnesses, fewer headaches, improved digestion, and more restful sleep.

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